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Protecting the Headwaters of the Lehigh River


“A river is more than an amenity; it is a treasure.”—US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thinking of Future Generations As We Work to Protect the Lehigh River Headwaters

North Pocono CARE of Thornhurst Township, Pennsylvania, is a nonprofit organization formed to protect the Headwaters of the venerable Lehigh River and its tributaries. It is our goal to maintain these outstanding resources for future generations. The headwaters of the Lehigh River have some of the highest quality water in all of Pennsylvania. We began our journey when very real threats to that water quality began to loom. Fears of river pollution caused us to act. We monitor river water, testing it and running educational programs that highlight environmental concerns. We take action when necessary to protect the Lehigh River and the surrounding watershed. Join with us in protecting one of the few remaining paragons of wild Pennsylvania.

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Join with us as we advocate on behalf of the Lehigh River.


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